I really loved the pizza but I definitely think you guys need a bigger space. Tables are just too close. Also, get a card terminal and can pay only in cash.

Dasa Manic

By recommendation of the waiter, we ordered five different types of pizzas to try, which where all tasty. We were also recommended some Italian beer. The wait time for the food was 15minutes and the prices are not too high for the center of Sofia.

Marin Knezevic

Incredible mediterranean vibe and atmosphere, tasty pizza and delicious wine. The perfect Saturday evening! 🙂 I highly recommend this place – fast service, as well as great food. Will definitely come back! 🙂

Georgi Georgiev

Probably the best pizza in Sofia if you are looking for real Italian style and taste. Top products, excellent quality, no unnecessary experiments and „Bulgarianization“ of the pizzas. And at an excellent price of 5-7 euro per pizza, atmosphere of a typical small Italian pizzeria, very fast preparation. If you are in Sofia and want a real Italian pizza – this is the place.

Travel That

Amazing. Can’t believe I have lived in the states for 37 years and just found my favorite pizza place while visiting Bulgaria. Top notch pizza, beer and service. We ended up going twice and I probably would have tried to smuggle some back to the states but it wouldn’t have even made it to the airport without me eating it.

Charles Pinkham

Very good Italian style pizza 🍕 in #Sofia. The pizza is prepared especially for you and in front of you. The place is popular and it’s very hard to find place to sit. It’s normal to take your order in front of the restaurant and to wait for your pizza there. If you like good pizza, you’ll be nicely surprised.