Spot on! Thank you very much for the great pizza experience! They didnt have a delivery option but I could call and order for take away. Got two pizzas and as a lady on the phone recommended we got a tiramisu cake woth pistachio maskarpone cream – that was extraordinary! Our order was ready really fast and we were really happy with our choice!

The restaurant looked great – neat and clean. The staff were just very welcoming and friendly! I noticed that they were using new and more modern equipment, that makes a good impression!
Definitely recommended!

Georgi Petrov

As usual, the service is great, the pizzas are tasty and the wine is good. Make sure to make a reservation if you WA to sit outside, as even on a lazy summer Wednesday evening there was no free table outside. Welove Francois from downtown Sofia, and this new location is just as great and quite bigger. We’ll be back.

Ina Pekova

One of the best pizza places in Sofia. The Iztok restaurant is the one with outdoor seating options. It’s cash only 🤷. I would love to see this change soon.

Martin Simeonov

My happy place with the most delicious pizza ever. All vegetarian pizzas are Top. I recommend to everyone. I guarantee that no one will make a mistake in their choice of pizza. They have two locations in Sofia, as it is calmer here and there are tables outside in the garden, which is very sweet and cozy.❤️🤤

Boyana Petkova

I am in Bulgaria for the first time. Today I have been on a long hike and I was really angry. The guide suggested me this pizzeria Just 2mins from my hotel. The pizza is amazing, the dough Is perfect, the tomato Is very good quality and all the other ingredients aswell. Highly reccomended!! I ate two pizzas

Giuseppe Intrieri

One of the best places to grab an amazing pizza. It offers a small menu, but the ingredients and recipes make you feel like you’re in Italy. Also the atmosphere is cozy and family friendly.

Hristo Daskalov

I really loved the pizza but I definitely think you guys need a bigger space. Tables are just too close. Also, get a card terminal and can pay only in cash.

Dasa Manic

By recommendation of the waiter, we ordered five different types of pizzas to try, which where all tasty. We were also recommended some Italian beer. The wait time for the food was 15minutes and the prices are not too high for the center of Sofia.

Marin Knezevic

Incredible mediterranean vibe and atmosphere, tasty pizza and delicious wine. The perfect Saturday evening! 🙂 I highly recommend this place – fast service, as well as great food. Will definitely come back! 🙂

Georgi Georgiev

Probably the best pizza in Sofia if you are looking for real Italian style and taste. Top products, excellent quality, no unnecessary experiments and „Bulgarianization“ of the pizzas. And at an excellent price of 5-7 euro per pizza, atmosphere of a typical small Italian pizzeria, very fast preparation. If you are in Sofia and want a real Italian pizza – this is the place.

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